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  1. Forte_5T

    Hope you enjoyed some Turkey

    hey everybody I hope you guys all had happy Thanksgiving hope everybody ate well and enjoy a little bit of football and do a little bit of family. I had the opportunity to use my forte in the snow and I have to tell you it handled itself quite well. even with the steering settings sport mode I...
  2. Forte_5T

    Second Month Update

    Hey guys how's it going. Figure I leave alittle something here and let you know how things are going. So far things are good it's funny I get all kinds of looks from kids in there civics and people with older Rios and Sophias. Had a guy with the new soul flag me down and stop me for a chat one...
  3. Forte_5T

    rear brake caliper

    So I noticed a bit of an issue. My rear driver side rotor has more wear marks on it then the restroom. While driving I came to a hill start and the car didn't roll backwards but on the next hill it did. My girl also told me it smelled of brake rub yesterday while we were out and about. Called...
  4. Forte_5T

    Forte5 pics

    The new 2015 Forte5