0-60 In A Forte SX


Good Morning Everyone,

First off I would like to say sorry about the delay on this. I did some runs yestarday and recorded them so I will post my results now. Hope this is helpful for everyone.

As a side note my Forte is not stock, it does have the RRM lightweight pulley and shortram intake already on it.

Final note: From what I have found on the internet at CarandDriver.com the Forte SX 0-60 time in stock configuration should be 8.6 seconds in the automatic.



I would not put any lightweight pulley on the car cause its dosent have the protection for the crankshaft, its can damage your crankshaft prematurely becuse its wasnt calibred the same way, sure its does make a change in performance but U should just put the stock one back on if you want the car for a long time. for a replacement for its loose you should check for a lightweigt flywheel wish is far less damaging for your crank and making the car reving like a deamon :)

oh sorry Ive just seen u are automatic !

thanks for the little videos I can't wait to get mine :)