2010 Kia Forte Koup Ex Engine Noise


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Alright, I need some serious help.

The car is a 2010 Kia Forte Ex Koup with 80,000 miles. It’s a stick shift.

I am generally very good with cars and actually enjoy working on them, however, I have no money and just started a new job. Here’s the breakdown:
About 8 months ago, a low growl began under the hood. It is noticeably loud but not crazy loud. When the engine revs, the noise increases in speed and becomes louder. In my haste to attempt to correct the issue I replaced the water pump and the serpentine belt. I also removed the valve cover and inspected the timing chain, cams, etc.

None of that fixed the problem.

So about 3 months ago I had a mechanic look at it and some gentlemen that are much more adequate at problem solving than me. They all came to the consensus that it was the power steering pump.

I ordered a brand new power steering pump, flushed the fluid and installed fluid and the new pump. The noise was still there with the same characteristics.
I removed the new pump and returned it, replacing it with the original pump. Now I do not have low RPM power steering and I also have a cold engine rhythmic squeal from the power steering pump.

My A/C has since stopped blowing cold air and I now I am thinking it is the A/C compressor. I tried to recharge the system to no avail.
My first question is:
  1. I have “bleed” the power steering system using multiple methods, does it need to be power bled and will that solve the squealing?
  2. Do you all agree that the A/C compressor could be the culprit? I am feeling that it may possibly be a bearing issue.
  3. What in the world do I need to do!? J
  4. Can I swap the A/C compressor and just have someone else charge the system for me?
  5. Does anyone have a good condition compressor they would be willing to sell me for a fair and reasonable price, if we deem that to be the problem?
Thank you in advance, if all works out I may be so inclined to buy a gift for the person that helps me solve this problem once my money problems are cleared.


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This post may be old, but yes, the AC compressor could very well be your problem, and would definitely be the compressor clutch bearing going out. Replace, recharge, and you should be good to go.


Same cars. Same problem. Both still squeak - one with over 380k miles has never had anything replaced beyond brakes, air filter, battery, tires, etc. (very basic routine maintenance).Other similar 2010 forte with all sorts of repairs to supposedly address the squeaks and yet still squeaks.
Mechanics will love you and always have something new you need to replace or service if you let them play that game. Nothing works for long in most cases. The Internet is plastered with posts about Fortes and these squeaking issues. Love the car and still runs but it is annoying.