7ism Catback Exhaust


That is one nice sedan. Looks to be the same color as mine. I would like to know where he got body color door handles or if he got his painted :D.
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Mine are body color? i have en EX? hmm anyways... thing is such eye candy... i want mine to look like that... sporty and just good loooking... Downfalls would be pulling up to civic and mustangs who just wanna race all night because your car looks cooler than theirs...
I've seen this exhaust posted several times & I love it! Has anyone found an American dealer or at least some info in English? Google translate doesn't play well with text embedded in photos.
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Really? I have seen the pics and stuff with it off the car! this was the 1st time i saw it bolted up on the forte+ it looks so sick! its my current desktop background... LOL! but no i searched awhile on there for any info and nothing!
Its the 1.6L, the 2.4 sounds SO much better & not like a mosquito.

Thats an option in Korea, and I think China, too. Dont know what other countries have that. I guess they knew a 1.6L wouldnt sell in the US. :)
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