I'm one of those nutty car owners convinced that the key to a car's longevity is oil changes at least, and no more than 5K miles -- 3.5K is about my usual.

I want to avoid stripping the oil pan plug threads and I was thinking about installing Fumoto valve system. It looks quite functional but I don't know how Kia would react when I ask them to put it on at my next oil change. Would it impact my warranty? And what's the difference between a Kia "official/OEM" oil filter and a normal name brand filter? (Yeah, I know, about $10, right?)

Also, is this valve available at most auto parts stores or is it a special order item? What do you know? Thanks.


I agree, 7500 miles between oil changes is way too long. And the car isn't even using a synthetic or synthetic blend oil. I would like to think that the quality of the oil and filters has greatly improved over the years, but I'm still concerned about going far over 3000 miles. I think I will let KIA do the mandated oil changes and I will do ones between them.


you just have to ask, parts like that should only affect the warranty related to what they are, though say if your car leaks all of its oil out "for any reason" whether it has anything to do with the valve or not they will have a reason to deny warranty work. i'm switching to amsoil 10w-30 and one of their filters at my 1st change, probably 3000 miles. the going to a 1yr and 6000 mile cycle, i doubt i'll ever put on more miles than that in a yr.


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though the book says 7500 miles under "normal conditions" most people fall into the "severe" guidelines and oil change is recommended at 3750 miles. where i work, we use a synthetic blend and as a dealer recommend every 3,000-5,000 miles.

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just read. states that the warranty must be UNDERSTANDABLE...

It applies to warranties of all types, not just vehicles. I don't think you found the right info.

google US Code - Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312


Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act says that aftermarket parts can not be used to void a warranty -- unless the dealer can prove the aftermarket part caused the damage. Having said that, if you put an aftermarket intake or aftermarket exhaust on the car and blow the tranny the manufacturer could say that the increased performance of the engine was a contributing factor and could possibly win with that argument. Depending on the attitude of the service department they could fix it to keep customer loyalty or fight it and you'd have to get a lawyer...I've seen it go both ways.