A word of warning on the Design MyRide grille


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Treasure Coast, FL
Hi everyone,

a couple of weeks ago I blew a paycheck on the Design MyRide Kia Forte grille from a vendor by the name of jayongmall. I think the grille looks great on the car...


However, the installation did not go without issues.

First of all, I asked the vendor beforehand if the grille was painted, to which I received a resounding 'yes'. It arrived only primer - so out I went to the store to get flat black spray paint and sandpaper. Considering I've never spray painted anything before, I don't think it turned out too bad.

Secondly, the factory grille is secured by about a dozen screws (some plastic, some metal) to the frame & bumper. This grille is only held by the 4 plastic screws on top and two and the bottom, meaning the bumper has a tendency to vibrate more. I solved this by placing double sided adhesive weather stripping between the bumper and the grille.

Lastly, it just doesn't fit! I had to cut out about 1/4 of an inch off the bottom of the grille, supposedly designed to perfectly fit both Koups and sedans, for it to attach properly.

The build quality seems reasonable and I certainly think it is stylish. But be prepared for a bump or two in the road if you plan on getting one for your own Forte.

P.S. Also received my SX trim fog lights in the mail! They aren't wired up yet, but the installation of the surrounds & lights themselves went well.