Adding Coolant


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Hello everyone. New to the forum. We just purchased a 2022 Forte GT-Line. So far we are thrilled with the car. It's everything we were looking for in a small, economical sedan. I popped the hood today just to check all the fluids. I should have done this the day I brought it home, but today was the first day I had some time. The car only has 445 miles on it. I noticed the coolant level in the reservoir was close to the minimum mark. It wasn't below the line, but it wasn't far above it either. I was thinking about bringing it back to the dealer to have them fill it up to full. Am I being too picky here? Is it fine as long as it's "between the lines"? I honestly hate bringing cars to dealerships, so if people here think I should get it to the Full line, can someone tell me what the correct coolant is? I was hoping to get the pre-mixed stuff rather than having to mix it myself. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!