Adding drl with turn signal LED strip


Sqrley 2016 Forte
Sounds easy enough, however... my model forte has sealed headlights, if I ruin the rubber seal by running a wire into it to then tap onto headlight wire my headlight assembly would get moisture inside and condensation.
Because I was unable to get wiring designated colors at the plug junction, I ran wires the length of my car to the tail lights where I had access to the turn signal wires (rear not a sealed assembly).
It was quite the project, lol, but it worked. YayScreenshotMaster_20200616_024401~2.jpg
We all have sealed headlights on these cars. Still not much of a problem. Just figure out which wires are the ones you need and splice into them on the harness connector side. Use waterproof connectors and you won't have to worry about water.