Blown Engines

How many more of you have had your engines fail from the first gen Fortes? Mine, a 2013 Koup SX (2.4), failed back in Feb this year from worn #2 rod bearings and worn thrust bearings. Kia would not touch my car with more than starting it and saying "yeah, your engine is bad, have a nice day". This left me to either try to get rid of a car I only had for six months and take a huge hit on the loan, or try to find a new engine and pay for it myself.

Lucky for me, Kia discontinued the engine....... :rolleyes:

I found some used ones, but after doing the research I've done, I didn't have high hopes for getting a good used one. I ended up going through 2 used engines, checked each one before ever considering installing them, to see if they were good. Not so much. Both had bearing flakes and excessive glitter in the oil pans. Both of these engines had less miles than my car, which was at 87,948 when it broke. I decided to try a higher mileage engine that had 118k, it had a tiny amount of bearing material in the pan, more consistent of normal wear, rather than premature failure. So it is now in my car and have put maybe 500 miles on it since Saturday. So far it seems fine, but still believe it will fail in time.

Has anyone had any luck getting Kia to pay for a new engine? Or anything positive regarding these dud engines?