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Brake pad

Discussion in 'Brakes and Suspension' started by Jcull35, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. Jcull35

    Jcull35 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am new to the kia scene. I am looking for front brake pad for my 2010 kia forte koup sx and can't find pads for it. I can find pads of the regular forte but not the koup. Are the pads the same on these two and where do I get them other then the dealer?
  2. ItsaRuck!

    ItsaRuck! Member

    There are the same for both the Koup and Sedan.
  3. Jcull35

    Jcull35 New Member

    Thanks for the help
  4. Larry Gibson

    Larry Gibson LWG1970

    Any one else here go through brake pads often? I only have 42K on my 2010 Forte LX and am on my 3rd set of pads (Front) only changed the rear once.
  5. chadw1ck

    chadw1ck New Member

    May be you have bad rotors that causing the pads to wear quicker.

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