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Dash mats question

Discussion in 'Interior Issues and Modifications' started by TheMechanixxx, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. TheMechanixxx

    TheMechanixxx New Member

    Hey, wanted to ask you folks, whether anyone here tried using a dash mat on the Forte? Maybe you can recommend a brand, or place where you got it if you think it is fine? Because I am totally unhappy with the condition of my plastic, and I guess I want to have it covered with something. Yet, I've never seen any Forte with such an upgrade, and there are tons of dash mat options available. Last night I went online to check out the reviews on those mats, and people say a lot of completely different things! Some say it's cool, some say it's sliding away when you drive, some say that it fits snug... yet the review depend on the vehicle and exact dash mat model they discuss, and not a word about the Forte.
    So, decided to post here.

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