Electrical issues


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Hi, my name is Todd. I am new to the group. I am having electrical issues with my 2010 Forte. I'm hoping y'all can help guide me in the right direction.
So here's what happened. I was replacing my battery clamps as they were rotted. I had my positive battery clamps on and was now tightening my negative clamp ( yes, I should have done the negative first), so I was tightening it down with my wrench and hit the positive post and sparked it. Everything now tightened down, got in car to start it and had power. As soon as I turned the ingnition switch, there was another spark at the positive post and all power was lost. No power to anything.
So I started at the battery. Still have a solid 12 volts. Looked at the main fuze and all look good all the way across. So I checked all the fuses underneath the hood, switched around all 30 amp relays and all are still good. All the fuses in the dash panel are still good. I'm pretty sure one lead from the battery is to the starter and one to the alternator. Could I have fried one? Your help and insight would be greatly appreciated.