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Alright everyone, I know it's been asked before, but the thread that best suited my search didn't help me, since some of the exhaust kits available now hadn't been purchased by anyone. In all of your opinions which exhaust kit would you say is the best for the Koup? I have the 2.0L EX by the way. Guess I'll just keep a tally of votes. Thanks in advance.


You should make your decision based on your needs and desires...not by how many people post what they think is right for you.

There are three exhausts currently available. TK, Solo and Ark. Research them for price, looks, and sound.

I went with the Solo Performance exhaust and I'm glad I did. I also like that they have a choice in how quiet or loud you want it. The others don't (yet, maybe?). Also, the cost was more reasonable.

Chino Koup

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Here's my 2 cents.
I've done complete exhaust systems... Headers, Cats., & Mufflers on my other cars all meeting smog requirements. Even with proper paper docs and Carb tags welded to the equipment I still get issues with So. California's testing stations. :read:

So with this Koup I just wanted better sound than stock. Since I had good luck with Moroso Spiral Tech Mufflers on a track car, I went this way again. Didn't was a low and loose sounding fart can, but I didn't want a high pitched loud note either. Moroso did the trick for me with a mid sound that has a tight raspy edge when pulling high RPMs. :D

Solo Perf. exhaust systems look nice since you can kinda tune for a type of sound by picking and choosing from components that work together. This is good if you have no idea about with what you are doing or what to expect from altering your exhaust.

TuborKits exhaust systems look nice too with lots of dyno time to back up their work, but not as many choices in the components.

Listening to sound clips or Youtube videos just doesn't work for me, you need to hear it away from the car and very much inside the car too. You may be unlucky enough to get an inside exhaust drone at cruising speeds that make you want to drive the stupid thing head on into a bridge embankment! :dodgy: