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Discussion in 'Aftermarket Performance' started by audioextremez, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. audioextremez

    audioextremez New Member

    working on a full exhaust system on my new 2012 Koup sx, ive done the cat-back system already, its 2.5" piping with a N1 Racing 4.5'' tip. sounds amazing! and i can feel a little bit of power added. next I ordered the 2.5" test pipe w/a mini Cat CEL delete and also I will be ordering the JunBL headers soon too. my question much horsepower can I expect from a full 2.5" exhaust system w/headers? I dont have access to a chassis dyno so I was wondering if anyone out there has done this and seen the dyno results. let me know...thanks
  2. Ratdaddy

    Ratdaddy Member

    In my opinion only you only should see about a 8 to 10 HP gain from the full tuned exhaust. Maybe an extra 3 to 6 HP with a properly calibrated CAI and reflashed tuned ECU. Without doing anything internal or adding a turbo there's not much more you can expect from a N/A engine this size..So i would think you could see about a 12 to 16 HP increase. Not much for the amount of money you pay out. Again this is just my opinon only. So just make it sound good and enjoy your own Butt Dyno..
  3. audioextremez

    audioextremez New Member

    haha true that, well I have a takada cold air intake on the way as well, and your right about it costing a lot and not seeing much horsepower, but 12-16 is def noticiable so ill take what i can get lol. and I plan on taking it to a local performance shop and getting it tuned so maybe they can unlock a little more horsepower out of her...we will see. thanks for your opinion
  4. Ratdaddy

    Ratdaddy Member

    Good deal . Let us know what the tuner shop does for ya..
  5. chadw1ck

    chadw1ck New Member

    Consider getting a new CAI and tune to really boost the hp of your Forte.

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