GROUP BUY- Solo Performance Modular Cat-Back Exhaust Kits and HF Cats

All of us at Solo Performance are proud to announce our BOLT-ON exhaust options for the Forte community. Thanks so much to "SSTEVE" for the use of his car over the past several weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you! We decided to make our Forte exhaust parts “modular.” This will ultimately give you the choice to mix and match exhaust parts to your desired taste. We have a decibel chart to help you in your decision. Below is a description of our different exhaust kit combinations, as well as the terms for the group buy!

Group Buy Details:
The group buy will last until midnight on October 31, 2010. Each kit ordered will add 1% to the progressive discount, up to 20% maximum. The discount will be credited to you at the conclusion of the group buy, but product will be shipped upon placing the order.

Forte Exhaust Kit Options:

Solo’s QR-Rez: The QR stands for Quiet Resonator. This resonator is a quiet, high-flow, polished, stainless steel resonator. It flows at 93% the rate of our MR, or free flow resonator. This resonator softens and smooths the exhaust tone. It is longer than our MR resonator, and it is the resonator of choice if you are planning to go with Solo’s High Flow Converter for the Forte.

Solo’s MR-Rez: The MR stands for Mach Resonator. This is a free flow, polished, stainless steel resonator. This resonator is louder than our QR-Rez, and is recommended for the enthusiast that doesn’t mind the extra volume. The MR resonator is not recommended with Solo’s High Flow Converter. The 200 cell, stainless wound converter offers a lot more flow and with this comes more sound. The MR-Rez and any of our muffler assemblies along with the High Flow Converters gets too loud for most people. The QR-resonators are the way to go if you want the HF Converters.

Midpipe: Our one mid pipe fits all of the resonator and muffler combinations. It is a 2 ¼” mandrel bent, stainless steel exhaust pipe.

Muffler Assemblies: You get the performance tone without the drone!

Mach Muffler: This free flow, tig welded, polished stainless steel muffler has aggressive 6mm louvers and is heavily packed with stainless steel wool and ceramic fiber. Our Mach muffler is 18” long, and is a softer exhaust note than our Mach-Shorty.

Mach-Shorty Muffler: This muffler is exactly the same as the Mach muffler described above, except it is 14” long. It is more aggressive, or louder than the Mach muffler listed above.

Exhaust Tip: Our test car was an SX, and as of now we just have the SX tip available. It is a beautiful 4 ½” slash cut, beveled, round, T304 aircraft quality, polished exhaust tip. Once we get a Koupe in our store we will have a beautiful double tip available for the Koupe owners.

High Flow Catalytic Converter: This direct fit, stainless steel, 200 cell, spiral wound converter really brings the Forte to life. Most 4 cylinder cars don’t respond very well to this much flow at the converter level. The Forte surprised us, and this ultra high flow converter is definitely the one for the Forte.

  • Any Cat-Back combination is $499 shipped.
  • The High-Flow Catalytic Converter is $259 shipped.
  • All prices above are PRE-DISCOUNT!!










Mach Shorty and QR-Rez

Mach Shorty and QR-Rez II

Mach Shorty with QR-Rez III

Mach Shorty and QR-Rez IV

Mach Shorty with MR-Rez

Mach Shorty and MR-Rez II

Mach with MR-Rez

Mach with MR-Rez II

Mach with QR-Rez

Mach with QR-Rez and HF Converter

Comments on the Different Kit Combinations:

Our quietest kit- QR-Rez and Mach Muffler:

There is not enough oo’s in smoooooth to describe this set up. It has a very tasteful performance tone that never gets out of hand or invasive. It is very smooth throughout the RPM range with no bad sections. You can feel the difference in pick up and throttle response from the first drive. This is almost 2 systems in one. If you baby it while driving it is very quiet, when you accelerate it sure comes to life. All of our systems are extremely quiet on the highway at cruise speeds but this one is the quietest. There is a very nice decal burble that you can hear from time to time. This set up is a wonderful one for those that want a quieter performance exhaust note that is sure to intoxicate.

QR-Res and Mach-Shorty Muffler:

This kit is still incredibly smooth with no bad RPM ranges. It is louder at idle and louder under acceleration than the previous kit but strangely enough it quiets down to almost silent at highway cruise speeds. This set up would be classed as a moderate performance exhaust note. This kit is slightly more intrusive than the previous one but still not invasive at all. You can play this set up like an instrument with the accelerator acting as your volume and note control.

MR-Rez and Mach Muffler:

This is smooth, deep, base-y , aggressive performance that doesn’t get invasive. It is louder than the other 2 described above. There are many different exhaust note tones available to you depending on how you drive your Forte. With the MR-Rez it gets to the redline very quickly. The throttle response seems to get better with the MR-res and this set up is certainly for the enthusiast.

MR-Rez and Mach-Shorty Muffler:

Smooth aggressive power for your enthusiast. With this kind of sound and feel it’s hard to drive it tame. The car begs you to drive it hard! This set up is still amazingly quiet at cruise speeds but there are a few RPM ranges that get border line invasive under hard acceleration. It’s not terrible by any means and you can drive around those areas quite easily but it “starts to get there.” The exhaust note with this system is all in the way you drive it. From smooth and beautiful to deep and raw! Enthusiasts only.

High Flow Converter, QR-Rez and Mach Muffler:

Four cylinder cars don’t usually respond this well to 200 cell ultra high flow cats but the Forte really comes to life. The exhaust note gets a little less refined with the converter but it is still deep, mean and aggressive. Strangely enough it is still very quiet at cruise speeds. There are no drone areas and form the enthusiast that wants the added performance of the high flow converter this would be the set up of choice. Torque, HP, and sound all increase with the HF Cat.

High Flow Converter, QR-Rez and Mach-Shorty Muffler:

This aggressive exhaust note is certainly for the few that want a lot of sound. Unfortunately this set up gets a bit “snappy” as you accelerate hard.

High Flow Cat, MR-Rez and any muffler:

Don’t do it! There are trouble RPM ranges and the quality of exhaust note suffers. This set up is not recommended.

Thanks very much for your interest in our Solo Performance products. We believe at Solo that choice is very valuable to the customer and we worked very hard to give you these different options.

Contact Information:

Steve Mariano
516.655.9002 (7 days a week, until midnight EST)

DB Levels:

QR-Rez and Mach
Start-Up: 88
Rev at 8' Behind: 94
Hard Drive-By: 96
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 89
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 85

QR-Rez and Mach-Shorty
Start-Up: 92
Rev at 8' Behind: 98
Hard Drive-By: 97
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 93
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 86

MR-Rez and Mach
Start-Up: 93
Rev at 8' Behind: 100
Hard Drive-By: 99
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 96
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 87

MR-Rez and Mach-Shorty
Start-Up: 94
Rev at 8' Behind: 102
Hard Drive-By: 100
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 97
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 87

HF Converter, QR-Rez and Mach

Start-Up: 96
Rev at 8' Behind: 102
Hard Drive-By: 102
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 97
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 87

HF Converter, QR-Rez and Mach-Shorty
Start-Up: 96
Rev at 8' Behind: 103
Hard Drive-By: 103
In-Cabin Hard Acceleration: 97
70mph Cruise In-Cabin: 88

Group Buy List:

We would like to give a huge "THANK YOU" to Jason for lending us his Forte for testing, fitting, and video taping. We could not have done this without you!!!
Pricing is listed right above the pictures:

Any cat-back combination is $499 shipped.
The HF Converter is $259 shipped.
Those are PRE-DISCOUNT prices! Each order results in 1% more discount, which is refunded at the end of the group buy.
Where in Canada?...some areas are slightly more with shipping in Canada and some areas are the same...and some have a mandatory HST tax (13%), or GST (5%).


I wouldn't mind a little extra performance but I don't want a lot of noise either...if I get your Quiet Resonator and Mach muffler how much louder are they over stock? I like the all stainless steel 2 1/4" tubing. What would shipping be for the cat-back exhaust to 32404?
Those prices already include shipping...the quietest kit is about 3-4 decibals louder than stock with a deeper tone:) Any combination is $499 and the HF cat is $259. The refunds are credited at the end of the group buy.


UPDATE: We have a Koupe coming in Monday and we will have beautiful dual tips for it:) This kit is available for the Koupe also!!

:)Looking forward to the pictures of the install on the Koup!


New Member
I may be interested, but want to see how this looks on the koup. Also, is there any chance of a video with sound so we can hear it?
The tips are done for the Koupe! Check them out:

They are a beautiful dual 3" T304 stainless steel, beveled, and double-walled with all tig welds. They are also polished.

Add $26 ($525 total before discount) to the kit price for this tip option.





So I realized I can not edit my posts after a certain amount of minutes LOL...I will update the list of buyers in the thread as we go:

We have our first sale...1 down and 19 more to go before the full discount:) Call me at 516-655-9002 to place an order or with now fits both the Koupe and Sedan!!!!