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Hood Protector w/ aftermarket grille

Discussion in 'Wheels, Tires and Exterior Modifications' started by Smudgey, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Smudgey

    Smudgey Member

    Hi everyone,

    Last Friday (September 28th) I decided to treat my Kia to his early Christmas present, the OEM hood protector they make for our cars. I switched my OE grille for my aftermarket grille and installed the part...the car needs cleaning up, but what do you think?


    Also, I helped my father purchase his new car this weekend, a 2011 Mazda 2! Gives my car another Japanese buddy to hang out with when our Suzuki isn't home...

  2. Smudgey

    Smudgey Member

    Quick pic of them together...there aren't many cars that my Forte dwarfs, but I think the Mazda 2 is one. Haha, it really is little!

  3. chadw1ck

    chadw1ck New Member

    Looks good. Is it really helpful in protecting the hood from getting rock hips?

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