How can I get rid of the Bass?


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I was really excited to buy a used 2011 Kia Forte with Sirius radio and an iPod plug-in. The only bad part is that I CAN'T turn off the bass! I have it turned all the way down in the settings and have the Powerbass set to "off" as well. Still, my favorite music sounds like crap to the point where I don't even use the radio. Who wants to listen to Boooooom Buh Boooooom? The radio is stock as far as I know. Is there a subwoofer I can unplug? Would changing speakers get rid of that fake-sounding BOOM crap? I really want to enjoy music, again.

Note: not all of the songs on my iPhone are like this, just the ones that were recorded in the last few years. The stereo is definitely ADDING bass to songs and overshadowing everything else.


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I don't have a 2011 and it seems very odd you'd have so much bass coming from a stock system that's the bass is cranked DOWN on. I'm not a big crank on the music type but the stock system in my 14 Forte Ex works perfect for me. You may just have a radio problem that's needs some attention....warranty attention?