Hi everyone,

I went to a classic car show on Tuesday and I was truly inspired by how beautifully clean and shiny some of the vehicles were. They glistened as if they hadn't moved from the spot where they were washed.

Since my family bought my car in June of this year I've just been washing it every week or two to keep it clean, but I decided to put in extra effort and bring out all the stops today. I picked up some ArmorAll washing fluid and washed and rinsed my Forte twice, and then polished it top to bottom with Nu Finish. It was hard work but definitely worth it and great fun.

Please enjoy these pictures and I encourage you to comment. The "running board/rocker panel" strip underneath the car is filthy because it won't clean; we bought the car used and it has been that filthy since we took ownership.

Thanks for your time and have a great weekend, Forte forum! :)