Hello Everyone,

My name's Kyle Keenan, and I'm the driver of the #17 Kia Rio in the Pirelli World Challenge series. Thanks to Kia Motors of America and Kia Racing, I made the leap into pro racing in 2013 and have enjoyed learning the ropes from Kia's Mark Wilkins and Nic Jonsson.

The class we're racing, TC-B in the World Challenge, and B-Spec in the SCCA Majors Tour, are identical rules wise with tires being the only big difference.

Our car has to run a spec suspension package, using AST dampers, and a combination of Eibach/H&R Springs. Limited to 2.5 degrees of camber, our car actually handles really well.

Braking is the one area our car really excels at, as most cars use drum rear brakes. Honestly, on most cars, drum brakes are actually more effective (1st gen dodge neons for example). We're actually using the OEM rear brake pads, with Riofast Racing braided brake lines, and custom made Porterfield R4-S front brake pads. On most race cars, even the Optimas in the GTS class, the brake bias (front to rear) is adjustable, however on the B-Spec's it's not allowed per rules. You can still get the desired effect by using different compound brake pads front and rear.

Engine for our car has to be stock, and actually they give us a 35mm restrictor that goes in between the throttle body and intake manifold. We're also allowed to run any cat-back exhaust, so we built our own. Kinetic Motorsports also realized the Rio suffers from oil starvation issues due to having a shallow oil pan, so SCCA has allowed us a large oil pan spacer that gives us an additional 1+ quarts of oil capacity. For oil, we actually run Mobil 1, and use Redline MTL in the transmission.

For Tires, in the World Challenge seris we're required to run the P-Zero slicks. These tires are super soft and offer a great amount of traction, however they don't last quite as long as the R-Comp tires we run in the Majors series. For the Majors, we run a 205-50-15 sized Hoosier SM6, as we've got access to a ton of lightly-used tires.

If you guys have any questions regarding Kia Racing, Team KBR, or I, I will do my best to answer.
Nice! Finally, someone interested in something other than Stance!

Hi Kyle. I'm an autox'er. This was taken this year in Lincoln at the Solo Nats. Only Kia competing.

Alright Bob! Ironically I compete in the STF class here locally on off weekends. Yet to make a national tour event, but hoping to compete at the Solo Nats sometime!

Stance is cool, but so is the safety of others ;)
I'm trying to find a full time co-driver for next year so there can be 2 Kia driver's at Nat's. Hard to believe that out of almost 1200 competitors I was the only Kia there.

I'm still wanting to get the Kinetic Motorsports Catback for the Sedan soon. Would be nice for someone from KM to give me a hint at what they did on suspension setup ;)
I don't know too much about the Forte's, other then they're fast and LOUD as heck. We're based in Portland but do work with Kinetic on some things. I'll put a word in and see what I can drum up.
Optima is a nice car if you like mid sized I rather have a compact and the Forte fits me fine. Tiz my first KIA so we will see how she holds up.
I'm trying to push the right buttons to purchase an Optima for a daily driver, would be fun to get it on track and see if I can have some fun with it ;)