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Kia Koup Aluminum Fuel Door

Got a little Christmas present and installed it today...LoL

It is the Polished Aluminum Fuel Door Accessory for the Koup available through Kia.

Install was fairly easy. Fit was a little off - I had to file the bolt slots (hinge side) to get the fuel door to better center itself in the body opening. Reinstalling the hinge bolts was a little fun -- the ring around the door prevents you from getting a straight shot with a ratchet or socket driver...I had to use a 10MM open wrench to final tighten them. I used green automotive tape to protect the paint finish while I installed the door assy.

Looks ok...and according to the advertisement it will make people wonder what I have under the hood!?!? LoL!

Hope the pictures take care of any questions about the install.