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KOUP Twin turbo?

Discussion in 'Kia Forte Turbo Koup' started by FydaForte, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. FydaForte

    FydaForte Member

    Im not to sure if this has been brought up? or if its true! but i was at my dealer today and the P.D.I. guy mentioned the KOUP coming out with a twin turbo version soon?

    HOLY CRAP something along the lines of 250hp? again its all he say for me at the moment but i cant lie and say im not a little excited
  2. Matemorh

    Matemorh Member

    Might be a "twin scroll" (not sure about spelling) turbo........ definetely not a twin turbo!
    1 exhaust mani=1 turbo
    2 exhaust mani=2 turbo
  3. Rekoup

    Rekoup Member

    back in 1987 i saw a 3.8L Thunderbird at the test track in Dearborne, it had 2 superchargers (not a typo) on it. we only saw it take two laps, it just SCREAMED...then the transmission asploded.

    Also seen a SHOP ELECTRICAL MANUAL (The skinny book by Ford, not the main shop manual; everyone used these instead) with the simple electrical diagrams) for a twin-turbo 25th anniversary Mustang, which wasnt produced.

    Amazingly, none of these rumors were spread by the salesmen; just the engineers, mechanics, and so on. This was after BBS but before the internet (yeah, imagine that)

    I'd love to see this...KIA owners are being sent a postcard with an online survey...two of the questions asked if we'd like a kit to make the 2.4L into 200HP ($750 kit), or offer cars with a 1.6L turbo 200HP ($1500 option), 2.0L turbo, a 300HP, or a 300HP all wheel drive ($5k option)

    See my post with the screenshot

    post #6

    And yeah I'll be either buying another, or trading mine in...I'd take a second job and pick up aluminum cans at the roadside for a 300 HP KOUP! Dealers steal cars on trade-ins, I'll probably just keep it. Only have a $5k loan out on it anyways.
  4. mschiavoni

    mschiavoni Purveyor of fine Kias

    lucky you, my loan is $17,000 (out the door, finance fees and all)
  5. Rekoup

    Rekoup Member

    yeah i put down $15k lol. With tax, title, license, everything else was 20400 (19280 purchase). I was saving for years and years...could have bought it cash but I need to repair my credit.

    If they come out with a 300HP $26k...I'm buying it, no matter what I have to do.
  6. mschiavoni

    mschiavoni Purveyor of fine Kias

    haha nice... ill finance the bolt-on kit :p
  7. FydaForte

    FydaForte Member

    I paid 17k out the door about 150 over invoice... wow to be honest i didnt even look at KOUP's and im regreting that a lil bit! A) Because i thought they would be way more expensive B) it didnt fit my life style really... im not a racer but i do like my style lol
  8. mschiavoni

    mschiavoni Purveyor of fine Kias

    we didnt have any koup's with the manual tranny, and i WASNT waiting... lol
  9. mkaresh

    mkaresh Member

    I'm not sure which is less reliable, hearsay from a dealer employee or hearsay on a forum.

    That said, the 2.0T used in the Genesis Coupe might be a candidate if they opt to engineer a transverse variant. But it's 210 HP, not 250.
  10. Matemorh

    Matemorh Member

    Using the theta II 2.4L instead of 2.0L in the Gen. it might just be 250HP.
    But I wouldn't not want to deal with all the upgrade needed to add around 100HP:injector, tranny, clutch, engine management, drive shaft, guage, and so on......
    I'll just keep dreaming about the cheap 750$ +27HP:)
  11. vizunary

    vizunary Member

    i wouldn't hesitate to shell out the 750 for that upgrade either, that 250hp version probably is the DI theta II. i got one of those survey postcards but the web adress is smudged and i couldn't figure it out. wonder what that kit might include?
  12. KoupCoupe

    KoupCoupe Member

    Me too! I like to keep things as simple as possible.
  13. panama88

    panama88 New Member

    highly doubt we'll see either of the boosted engines ending up in the koup after they put the 2.0T in the genesis.
  14. Rekoup

    Rekoup Member

    panama, you mean there would be a shortage of them, thus the KIA wont get them?
  15. Kenny C

    Kenny C Member

    Hyundai only owns about 40% of Kia...seems like Kia can do what they like IMO.

    This isn't like the Camaro always getting the shaft to the flagship Corvette in the performance department. I think Kia will cater to its new found audience, hence the survey they sent out a while back.

    Not sure if you got the survey, but it asked opinions about a turbo FWD, turbo AWD and higher power NA motor setups.
  16. fafforte

    fafforte Member

    Interesting, but I didnt get one of these postcards and I have had my car for about 6 months. I did get an invitation to attend some event discussing thios particualr car and driving some surprise vehicle in Houston. But unfortunately I couldnt attend due to other commitments for that weekend.
  17. rahul0811

    rahul0811 New Member


    There is impressive legroom and headroom back there, and even air-vents – finally a coupe that thinks about rear passenger welfare!

    The boot of the Cerato Koup is shallow (because a full-size 18-inch spare alloy resides beneath the floor), but it’s also deep, affording 433 litres of space.

    Kia has masterfully managed to combine good looks on the outside with sedan-like space on the inside. If only it had the ambience and equipment to match.

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