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LED light kit

Discussion in 'General Discussion / The Lounge' started by purplehaz12, Apr 4, 2014.

  1. purplehaz12

    purplehaz12 New Member

    Got bored today so I install a light kit that was just sitting around from a while The things I do when I get bored. uploadfromtaptalk1396652210693.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1396652224188.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1396652321660.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1396652353448.jpg
  2. purplehaz12

    purplehaz12 New Member

  3. RjForte

    RjForte Active Member

    Looks good ...... I guess
  4. chadw1ck

    chadw1ck New Member

    Looks cool. It is perfect for auto shows. What brand of LED kit did you use?
  5. Socal_kiaforte

    Socal_kiaforte New Member

    Looks cool.. I Like the hood where can I purchase one..

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