LED Liscense plate MOD


This is wired to the old unit. I accidentally broke the clips just by being nosy. I bought a LED strip directly from China. The strip is able to be cut. So I was going to run the whole length of the strip but the outside of the license plate lights "thin out" but the center has yoo have enough room width and space to stick. So the center all the way to the outer was much better

I've been importing alot of items in from China. I'll probably contract a factory if I ever get the time. Because there aren't enough parts out there for Kia. So if your interested bookmark me or addme

The LED turn signal (Rear End) 1156

I've been testing this bulb. It works great during the daytime and you can see it in the shade. $20 Pair. I've been buying from this guy in Hong Kong for years. I'll post more pictures up later on.


The LED turn signal (Front turn) 1157

Not a good idea for this one in the front because there is way too much of a gap to let light in and the bulb is very short. Still working on this one


Ratdaddy said:
Looks good !! Is it an LED Strip,and is it wired to the old light ??