LED Taillights Arrived!

Good morning everyone!

About a week ago I decided to take the risk and buy a set of 'Superlux' LED tail lights from jayong mall. The same style is on E-bay from about 5 different companies, and the set I bought was roughly middle of the road in price ($310 + $60 shipping). Installation was easy except when I dropped a screw down the trunk liner and had to fish it out with a magnet on a stick!

Here is a little video demonstrating if you have not seen them in action already. I think they look very handsome and LOVE the amber signals.

I will add pictures once it gets lighter here. :)


Alas, only a Korean company would include a free 'choco-pie' of all things with my order. Not sure if I really want to eat this after its intercontinental journey...

Did you buy the whole taillight assembly? I'm looking at doing LED taillights, but I really don't want to buy a new assembly if I don't have to.