Looking for a boost in performance


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I got a 21 gt line with about 3,000 miles on it. I’m looking for a boost in performance but I also know that the 2.0 and cvt have their limitations so I’m less looking to boost the numbers but more of the performance functionality of the vehicle.

Any suggestions on what I can add to the car to improve the handling and responsiveness of the car?
A few that I’ve heard are good are getting new tires (which I will at some point but I’m not gonna toss almost brand new tires just yet) and I’ve heard that a front strut stabilizer is a good one to do.

I might do the aem cold air intake just because I like the intake sound despite the performance gains being fairly minimal if any at all.

anyone have any other suggestions on minor mods to just give the car a little bit of extra something? I have very limited mechanical skill so I’m looking for beginner mods that are easy to do myself.