Mouse chewed my wires

One morning when I put my 2010 Forte in reverse it shifted really hard but this went away as it warmed up. Turns out a mouse had chewed through some wires to the transmission temperature sensor at the 12 pin connector under the hood. To cut to the chase here, the dealer could not locate a connector or the proper pins, and further told me they could not get the pins out of the old connector. They ordered a pigtail and after I week it came in. But, wrong style female connector so wouldn't fit. They told me my only option was to pay $900 for a wiring harness and another $1000 to install it. That's nowhere near doable for me. Tried two junk yards with Kias but none of the connectors fit my Kia. The only numbers on the connector are PA66-GF35. There is a TE logo also. I checked their website but found no match. These are square pins, not round. I'm even willing to buy the extractor tool so I can reuse the old pins and make my own pigtail.