My 2012 Forte LX with some custom touches


Wow, what a difference a few little touches make! I'm not a huge fan of chrome, but other than the grilles (which look a little too much like that of an Infiniti FX/QX, I'm pretty sure that's the look its going for), your LX looks great. Is that exhaust just a tip or a full cat-back, etc.?


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Thanks! Exhaust is just a tip. Interesting.. I really wasn't going for the Infiniti FX/QXI look.. I just followed the patterns in the grill... but I was a little concerned I went over the top with the chrome... but I think I like it. Best!


Wow, I actually didn't realize you had just put little chrome strips in the grille and left the rest of the black honeycomb plastic in tact. In the smaller image it looks like a completely different insert. I still think it bears considerable resemblance to the Infiniti grille, but it looks really good.

There is definitely a lot of chrome on your car, but I think it is a cohesive look because your car is black. It adds visual interest and brings the eye to the car's unique details. And, considering my car has no chrome at all, I think we balance out in the end. Haha.