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My new 5

Discussion in 'Kia Forte Five-Door Forum' started by flyboy3107, Feb 18, 2017.

  1. flyboy3107

    flyboy3107 New Member

    Just purchased this 2016 as a leftover. Really liking it so far. I went all out with EX technology package and just put a remote start in it, really great on those cold mornings! Just saying hi!

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  2. Sal Collaziano

    Sal Collaziano Heavy lies the crown... Staff Member Administrator

    Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. Your Forte looks great! Congratulations. How do you like the technology package?
  3. flyboy3107

    flyboy3107 New Member

    I like the leather seats, heated bottom and back. GPS works well. Love the sunroof.

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