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New 2015 Forte LX Sedan Owner!

Discussion in 'Kia Forte Sedan Forum' started by Slyhog2007, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Slyhog2007

    Slyhog2007 New Member

    Good afternoon, on December 17th I became the new owner of a 2015 Forte Sedan! Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Looking forward to reading many a great how to and getting ideas on making the most outta my kia. [​IMG]
  2. chadw1ck

    chadw1ck New Member

    Welcome aboard! I'm also new here. Any future mods for your ride?
  3. Slyhog2007

    Slyhog2007 New Member

    Nothing as of now, but id love to find a good deal on a set of 17" factory take offs.

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