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Treasure Coast, FL
Hello everyone,

As I have mentioned previously, I have been wanting to upgrade from 15" wheels since I first got the car back in June of 2011. I looked at many aftermarket options, and finally decided on the TSW Vortex, but then my Dad gave me some food for thought: why not buy a set of KIA factory wheels, just from a different vehicle - that way, they'd be larger in size and yet still have that 'OEM' look. I set out on my search for EX Koup and SX Koup wheels, then Optima wheels, then Sorento wheels...not a great deal of luck. However, I found this beauts, 16" alloys off of a 2006-2009 KIA Sportage LX, with minimal scratches and blemishes, for only $390 including shipping (after a bit of bartering) off of E-bay! Considering that my nearest dealer wanted $385 PER WHEEL for the 16" alloys that come with the sunroof package on Forte EX models, I'd say I got a pretty good deal.

I don't have tires for the wheels yet, so for now they are sitting in the garage, waiting patiently. I was thinking of plastidipping the raised edges to make them look more unique, but I'm not sure if that will ruin the 'OEM' or 'OEM+' look I'm going for. Any thoughts?