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New to me 15 Kia Forte EX+

Just picked this up this morning after weeks of shopping around. I’ve been a GM owner for 10 years, and honestly never thought I’d sway from them. I had the Optra5 (not really GM - Daeweoo) then the Cobalt, and purchased a Silverado 1500 in 2013. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my truck – but I missed having a car to pull off simpler errands, go for cruises without fretting about fuel economy and also – a nice car is just as good to look at ;)

Looking around at options – I liked the Elantra’s but there was something just “old” feeling about it. Just didn’t see myself in it. I always loved the previous generation Forte body style but it’s very hard to find them in my area without killer mileage on it, and nervous about the old 2.0L motors seizing. This 2.0 GDI has 40,000 Km on it – with balance of factory 100,000KM 5 year warranty. Before I pulled the trigger, I was able to negotiate the price down another thousand to 12,900 including the bug deflector added, a full detail wax and polish, with window tint all around.

Overall – it was the best vehicle purchase experience I’ve ever had – and so far the car is just awesome.

Looking into lowering the car with BC Racing coil overs, and then adding a six point support brace system below. Likely do the CAI, and leave it at that.