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The only true advantage I got with the K&N was the cost savings of not having to continually buy a filter.
Hard to believe just changing the air filter can give that much HP but I have always heard that by changing to a K&N filter.

BUTT Dyno get it ???
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RE: Performance Chip
So why bother being a ass either, if you don't want to be of any help then just don't reply, remember SOME of us are trying to learn & we're not all KIA experts like yourself, just saying.... I only ask questions to learn & cause I don't know the answers & thought that was what this forum is for & believe me I DO appreciate your answers & help & not trying to piss anyone off or be a smartass. I like learning new things from everyone here & think this is a great forum & again thanks for your time that you do spend replying to my questions, I really do value your info & opinions for certainly you know more than me when it comes to KIA's. Thanks guys

Thats why i said WHY . Get it now...BUTT DYNO 20hp
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