Road///Race Underbrace


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Since this applies to the sedan as well:

So I was at Road///Race Motorsports picking up some parts for my Sentra (they are a KYB dealer and got mine replaced under warranty) and they had a Forte they were doing parts development on. They just finished their first product run of Underbraces for the Forte. It links the front and back of the sub frame for more reenforcement. Here are some pic they gave me:

I forgot to ask about the price, but it will be on the website soon. they also talked about other suspension parts, and they carry Eibach if you want springs. There are also a couple more parts in the wings coming out soon.

Here is the product page link: Time Attack Underbrace

One thing the owner Rob talked about was a turbo kit. I had a Road///Race turbo on my car and I know a few Mitsubishi Lancer owners that run them as well. Rob is already hot on making a kit and has some of the work done. I will talk to him again soon, I need Depot headlight housing for the Sentra, and find out how far along he is.