Sedan rims for Koup rims at dealership?


CorsaKoup said:
If anyone near Dallas, TX is looking to trade their SX sedan wheels for my SX Koup wheels, I'd like to trade with you. The wheels are the one thing I don't like about this car's appearance.
Did you asked this before. I think I wanted to do this. But distance is a problem of course.


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volleytime said:
My dealer had to get my sx sedan from another dealership. When he went to pick it up he discovered it had koup wheels. He asked me if I wanted to keep them or have him put the sedan wheels on. I kept them and like how they look.
Hi there, can you post some pics of your Forte SX with the Koup RIMS (wheels)


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cyphrex said:
Hello everyone. I just got my new Forte Sx Sedan dark grey with charcoal interior. So far, this is a great ride. The question is I like the rims that are the Forte Koup SX and inquired if the dealership would be willing to swap the set between my sedan and the Koup. They said it could not be done, because it would void the manufacturers warranty. Huh? Is that for real, or are they just pulling my chain and being lazy about it? Thanks. The current rims are nice though. But may have to go aftermarket if I cannot get the dealership to change them out.:-/
I have a set of these rims I was planning to put on my 2010 Forte EX Sedan. No tires, but if anyone might be interested let me know I will sell for $300 plus shipping.[hr]
For Sale 4 Gun Metal Grey Forte Koup Rims 16" no tires just rims. $300 for the set plus what it takes to get them where you are from me. I would even throw in my K&N air filter (for factor air box) seeing as how I have traded my car in already.

edit: Listing expired