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First, what they said when I asked about the gains and usage of regular or premium fuel. That way you know what they are saying and then what I think of the tune.

"We offer usually canned tune based on any octanes while higher octane rate will yield better results but not much of difference. If we do custom tune and monitor everything(how the car adapts the tune, possible knocking issue, etc) then we can give a lot more aggressive timing and AFR corrected. As I told you today I did the remote tune for Puerto Rico dealer and same 2.4 with no bolt ons added about 8rhwp 6-7lbs/tq on Mustang MD dyno. It sounds like little gain but it's mustang dyno yet the power is all through out the RPM (not just peak power) so the whole drivability changes.. not to mention extra 700rpm to have fun at the top end.

It should also give you better gas mileage when you drive normally at the end due to throttle response and easy low rpm power with less foot on the gas pedal.
What about the CEL.. did it appear or no?
Once again thanks for coming by !

SFR International Inc

Now my take on this. $350 well spent. Took care of my test pipe CEL,
gave me the extra power I was looking for (whether it added a few and
freed up some), more responsive, and yeah trekking down 476 at 85mph
(was actually the speed of most cars out there) I was getting 29mpg.
Probably the best numbers I have gotten in this car since before the
tune on a long trip to Maryland only doing 65mph the entire trip. Even
if you did the accelerator pedal mod (you know, moving the actuator) you
will still feel more punch when you get on it, more responsiveness. The
drop off in power is pretty much eliminated. I didn't take it past
105mph, but the end of 3rd gear (jeez long gearing) is just about that
103-105mph (according to speedometer).

You don't have to take it to 7100-7200rpms every time to get the power
really going, but it does add fun and the entire power band of the car
has improved. And no, the higher rpms are not for show as far as I can
tell, it doesn't hit 6500rpms then lose all power and hit 7200rpms
gradually. The low end power is minimally changed, but then again the
car never had much issue with that anyway. Of course you will gain more
if do all the mods you got, and a little more time and money I'm sure
they can power your car beyond just this canned tune. But for a "canned"
tune, it gets the job done. You will notice your engine sounds a bit
different (at least I do and I have the mid-ram intake).

Overall, I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants a little
more juice and a little better mpg at the same time and can't afford to
go turbo just yet.[hr]
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