SOLO Performance Needs A Local Customer For Exhaust Kit Development

Hello! This is Steve from Solo Performance. We have been selling performance exhaust kits for quite some time and we are looking to add the Kia Forte to our list of exhaust kit offerings. We have actually done a few Forte’s with very good results in our Hamilton Ontario Canada store. The Forte is not an easy car to get to sound right and eliminate the trouble RPM ranges. We are very happy with our progress so far on the Forte. We have very good feedback from the few customers that we have done. We have a stainless steel catback design that works and we are looking to test, video and finalize our Forte exhaust kit.

If we could find a forum member that is within driving distance of Hamilton Ontario (that’s where we have our mandrel bender) and would like a beautiful sounding stainless steel exhaust kit for a heavily discounted rate, please give me a call at 516-655-9002, 7 days a week until midnight EST.

We would need your car for one full day during the week. It’s a fun and exciting process once we get to this stage and you would be welcome to assist us with input, etc. The day goes by quickly with several test drives, minor design changes, and then final pics and video’s. We are looking forward to bringing a quality exhaust kit to the Forte community.

Please call me if you are interested and I can answer any questions you might have and set things up.

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As you can see Solo Performance is committed to a quality product at an affordable price. We look forward to serving the Forte community!

Here is my contact information:

Steve Mariano
Solo Performance
516-655-9002, 7 days a week until midnight EST
Love the G8 you guys did. Coming from a 17yr romance with a Fomula V8 that had Hooker headers, QuickTime Cutouts, and a Spin-Tech muffler... I'm having thoughts of a better exhaust note on this new car.

I can't see a whole exhaust system on this car since the gains are few, except sound. Dollars to HP & Performance I can only hope it would at least scare old ladys.

Sure would like to here something different on this 4 Cyl. Any sound clips?
I wish we had a shop on the west coast...all we need is one volunteer and we will be able to offer a great kit for this car. We know the challenge in making this car sound good, and we have done it once before. We need the car to come in so we can make a jig for the kit and see which combination of our products makes the car sound and perform best!
Excellent...the sooner the better...we can get a kit offered to everyone here! We promise you will not leave unhappy....if it takes us all day to get the best, then we will spend all day on it....still for a free install.
Sounds of now, we still need one in the shop. I just found out that the person has to come to our Hamilton, Ontario store because that is where our mandrel bender is.


Purveyor of fine Kias
Sounds of now, we still need one in the shop. I just found out that the person has to come to our Hamilton, Ontario store because that is where our mandrel bender is.

rules me out :( no passport, plus that's really far