SOLO Performance Needs A Local Customer For Exhaust Kit Development

We have a car coming in the week after next to our Hamilton store...after that, we should have something great to offer the Kia Forte community:)
We are very much looking forward to taking care of your Forte! It is a tough motor to make sound good, but we will work on it until you and our guys are 100% happy!


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I'll definately keep you guys posted on the results. My car is a 100% stock (well except for the cosmetics and the Kia AEM dryflow). So it should be a good starting point.

It's a Forte SX 2.4 with less than 3000km so she's pretty band spanking new.

I'll have my camera to help with the documentation of the fitting.


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I supposed to be heading to the shop today but Solo called me yesterday and told me one of their guys has a family problem.

We're working on rescheduling for another time.


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I got a small but good update.

We were able to get together yesterday and do some test fits and some runs.

We've found a good combination of parts to get the car to sound right and perform beautifully. Good smooth power delivery. We haven't dyno'ed yet but I could feel that the power is always on tap.

Some of you probably noticed on a stock car there's a bit of a bog on 3rd on the 5spd auto or manual basically you're pulling nicely from 1-2 but on 3rd you loose some fun. With the parts we were testing it helped overcome this.

After a day of testing they came up with an idea for a nice modular cat back where you'll be able to bolt different pieces (muffler, high flow cat, resonators) to get mild sound and mild gains to full bore power and wild sound. I think this will be a first for the Forte community to be able to individualize the exhaust note of your car to your preference. Which I think is really cool.

As for cost we have no idea yet but they mentioned they want to keep it less than the Koup-R's exhaust (muffler).

There are plans to dyno them when the kits are closer to finalization.

We have spent the last week jigging our “modular” Forte Solo Performance exhaust kit. One thing that we learned thru the years is that customers like and deserve a choice in their exhaust systems. The Forte is not an easy car to get to sound good. There is a fine line between a wonderful sounding exhaust kit and one that sounds good most of the time but has trouble RPM ranges. We are happy and proud to say that we have designed several options that sound fantastic with no trouble RPM ranges. In short we have created some wonderful choices for the Forte community.

The system is a full 2 ¼” stainless steel (even the hangers and welds are stainless) exhaust kit that tastefully ends in a 4.5” polished T304 round and beveled exhaust tip. It fits the Forte cut our like a glove. It’s hard to find good quality 4.5” tips with a bevel to give it the “body” and looks that your car deserves. Solo created these tips for the 2010 Camaro community and they transfer perfectly to the Forte.

Kit options:

1) Catalytic converter. We will offer a 200 cell stainless steel wound converter for the forte. These converters were originally made for cars with turbo’s and superchargers. They are the most free flow converter on the market today that still allows you to keep the engine light off. Most 4 cyl cars don’t respond very well to this type of converter because it is so free flowing. The Forte really comes alive with this ultra free flow mod.

2) Resonator assemble. We will be offering 2 different resonators for the Forte. Of course they will have the same start and end points which makes them interchangeable.

A) Solo’s uniquely designed QR-Resonator. The QR stands for Quiet Resonator. This resonator flows at 93% of what a free flow resonator does. It’s unique internals allow it to flow very well while still being quiet.

B) Solo’s MR-Resonator. This is a free flow resonator that is heavily packed with ceramic fiber and stainless steel wool. While being louder than the QR resonator it still does a great job of absorbing the unwanted tones that the Forte naturally puts out.

3) After the resonator there will be a 2 ¼” mandrel bent mid pipe. No matter which resonator or muffler assembly you choose the same mid pipe will work.

4) Muffler assemblies. There will be two Solo Performance “Mach” muffler assemblies to choose from. Our polished stainless steel, tig welded Mach mufflers are a free flow design that are heavily packed with ceramic fiber and stainless steel wool. Internally these mufflers are quadrant off into 4 “packing” areas. These 4 distinct areas are where the stainless steel wool and ceramic is used. The benefit of having 4 separate packing areas is that the stainless steel wool stays “tight” and can’t move around and cause “hollows” over time. We will offer an 18” long Mach assembly and a 14” long assembly. Of course the 18” long assembly will be quieter. Both muffler assemblies will end in a 4.5” beautiful round, beveled, angled tip.

We hope to be at the point later this coming week to video each option and of course take pics.

Thanks so much to Tebore for his help, time and cooperation in this project. We could not have made this much progress without him.
We are still finalizing all pricing...we just wanted to let everyone know what we will be offering. It will be priced very competitively!!